The Collective: Waves of Change

We Signed Up For This

The Collective: Waves of Change

the collective

Greetings, Light Warriors who are anchoring Fifth Dimensional frequencies into a planet being reborn!

You have witnessed, within a single month of your calendar, two terrible events—one in Virginia, with much waving of angry red flags, and another in Texas, symbolized by the lost and panicked looks thrown into basic survival situations by a severe hurricane.

You have, most of you, correctly intuited that neither situation simply evolved on its own.

Each was carefully engineered, planned, and executed with the dark intentions of not only disrupting life in the United States, but seeding fear, disruption, panic, and chaos in the heart-minds of many millions of people, particularly children and families, many of whom are already in a state of stress and worry that their loved ones may be deported.

However seemingly well-planned, these ploys are nevertheless already failing.

Similar to the events surrounding…

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