Back to Normal November 29, 2017 By Steve Beckow

The problem I see is that worldwide peace has never been attempted in modern times. We have had “Christs” book for 2000+ years but his message of Peace is still ignored. We need a more influential person than Buddha, Krishna, and Christ combined. I think I know who that person is who can reach mass awareness for peace.. that person is YOU .. and me and every other loving person on the planet. Start living your life in peace and others will be mesmerized by your results and they’ll be inspired to follow along. I am not here to confirm prophecy, I’m here to fulfill it, and so are you. Sabali!!

We Signed Up For This

Back to Normal

November 29, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Leave It to Beaver or Life with Father? Our biggest concern

In an earlier article, Archangel Michael says that our star brothers and sisters were on the planet until around 1200 BC.

At that time they determined that their presence wasn’t valued and that it was time to leave Earth to the terrestrials. (1)

I’m willing to bet the farm on there having been almost constant warfare since then.

If we were to run down the centuries I think we’d find someone fighting someone on some side of the globe at least every decade. But I could be wrong.

Our social conflict continues to this day, where Yemen is being destroyed before our eyes and no country is coming to its aid.

The Rohingya, Zimbabweans, Syrians, on and on the list goes of whole peoples being victimized, while no country comes…

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