Party & Bullshit

I had a flashback of this house party that I went to a few years ago, where I was sitting in the kitchen sink drinking lukewarm vodka out of a Sports Direct mug and talking to a guy who had a portrait of Jack Kerouac tattooed on his right pec and he was gorgeous but…

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A Different Kind of Heartbreak

I’ve said it to my girls before and they’ve said it to me, too: “You’ve lived without him before so you can certainly live without him now.” You know the spiel, I’m sure you’ve rattled off the same tired cliches to your friends when they’ve found themselves suddenly single after the break-up of a long-term…

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The Final Stage of Energy Activatio: Transhumanism

Originally posted on Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling:
Transdimensional Energy Activation The final stage occurs where the energy generators will be activated to produce Teslian-scalar waves that can interact with the DNA and produce an accelerated activation of cycles which will either hyper-evolve through harmonization or balance, or involute through consciousness degradation and lack…

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